What is Ego?

EGO is an OAuth2 based authentication and authorization management microservice. It allows users to login and authenticate themselves using their existing logins from sites such as Google and Facebook, create and manage authorization tokens, and use those tokens to interact with Ego-aware third party applications which they are authorized for.

OAuth single sign-on means that Ego does not need to manage users and their passwords; and similarly, none of the services that use Ego need to worry about how to manage users, logins, authentication or authorization. The end user simply sends them a token, and the service checks with Ego to learn who the token is for, and what permissions the token grants. EGO is one of many products provided by Overture and is completely open-source and free for everyone to use.

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  • Single sign-on for microservices
  • User authentication through federated identities such as Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Github (Coming Soon), ORCID (Coming Soon)
  • Provides stateless authorization using JSON Web Tokens (JWT)
  • Can scale very well to large number of users
  • Provides ability to create permission lists for users and/or groups on user-defined permission entities
  • Standard REST API that is easy to understand and work with
  • Interactive documentation of the API is provided using Swagger UI. When run locally, this can be found at : http://localhost:8080/swagger-ui.html
  • Built using well established Frameworks - Spring Boot, Spring Security


Copyright (c) 2018. Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

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