Ego for Administrators


To administer Ego, the admin must:

1. Install Ego.

View the installation instructions.

2. Insert a new user with the admin’s Oauth Id into the “egousers” table, with role ADMIN.

3. A developer creates a new Ego-aware application

  1. Admin creates a new application in Ego with the client_id and password.
  2. Admin creates new policies with new policy names
  3. Admin assigns permissions to users/groups to permit/deny them access to the new application and policies

4. Admin creates or deletes groups, assigns user/group permissions, revoke tokens, etc. as necessary.

For example, an administrator might want to:

  • Create a new group called “QA”, whose members are all the people in the “QA department”
  • Create a group called “Access Denied” with access level “DENY” set for every policy in Ego
  • Grant another user administrative rights (role ADMIN)
  • Add a former employee to the group “AccessDenied”, and revoke all of their active tokens.
  • In general, manage permissions and access controls within Ego.

Using the Admin Portal

Ego provides an intuitive GUI for painless user management.